JEBCO Construction | Arizona Commercial Contractor Delivers Clean Tech to Cottonwood Car Wash
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Arizona Commercial Contractor Delivers Clean Tech to Cottonwood Car Wash

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Arizona Commercial Contractor Delivers Clean Tech to Cottonwood Car Wash

02:46 14 November in News

Ocean Blue Car Wash of Cottonwood Gets Technology Upgrade

Jebco Construction Companies teamed up with Ocean Blue Car Wash to remodel Cottonwood, Arizona’s premier car wash and install technology upgrades. Many in the region are already familiar with Northern Arizona’s premier car wash company, with locations in Prescott, Prescott Valley and Cottonwood.
“Some may remember when Northern Arizona was void of contemporary, sophisticated car washes complete with auto dry, free vacuums, water softening & saving technology, and subscription services making it easy to pay, enter and leave. It was not that long ago. Jebco is proud to work with Northern Arizona’s premier car wash company, Ocean Blue Car Wash.  Their facilities and technology are second to none,” says Jeb Johnson, Owner, Jebco Construction Companies.
Jebco Construction recently completed new construction of the Ocean Blue’s Prescott location in the Fall of 2016, while recently re-vamping the technology and systems in Ocean Blue’s Prescott Valley location.

Ocean Blue’s Prescott location, completed by Jebco Construction in the Fall of 2016.


“Jebco Construction has done an amazing job with all our facilities. They built our Prescott location from the ground up and now Jebco is helping us install the latest technology at our Cottonwood location. Our facilities are complicated and unique. Northern Arizona is fortunate to have a capable and experienced commercial contractor like Jebco Construction,” say Alex Lazar, Owner, Ocean Blue Car Wash.
commercial contractor

Ocean Blue’s Cottonwood, AZ location.


About Jebco Construction Companies

Based in Arizona, JEBCO Construction Companies is a general contracting firm that has over 40 years of combined experience in both Commercial and Residential construction from site work up to the finished product. They offer comprehensive construction services via traditional or design build construction. They also offer value engineering ideas to fit the needs of your budget and project type. 

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